Team Ascensio has used the Microsoft Project 2010-solution to plan the climbing effort to reach the top of Mount Everest. Including the Planning and Preparation phases, the duration of the whole project is nearly three years.
Check here how Team Ascension proceeded - as they reached the top of the world as planned..

Download the detailed proejct plan:
Mount Everest - Ascensio Project Plan UK.pdf
Mount Everest - Ascensio Project Plan UK.mpp (Microsoft Project 2010)

Mount Everest - Ascensio Project Plan UK.gif

To look at the planned ascension rate (meters from sea level), check the picture below.
Also, remember to check back here to see how Team Ascensio is doing against the planned track!
Ascension Rate
Download the detailed project plan with progress tracking:
Mount Everest - Ascensio Project Plan UK_actuals.pdf
Mount Everest - Ascensio Project Plan UK_actuals.mpp (Microsoft Project 2010)

Update: 8.4.2010, 1st target reaced as planned.
Update: 11.4.2010 Reached Dingboche as planned.
Update: 14.4.2010 Reached Base Camp as planned.
Update: 16.4.2010: Continued from Base Camp as planned
Update: 19.4.2010: Reached Camp1 (Valley of silence)
Update: 20.4.2010: Reached Foot of the Lhotse wall
Update: 21.5.2010: Reached Camp 4 (Death Zone)!
Updaate: 22.5.2010: Reached the summit of Mt Everest!!!! - Top of the world!!
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