Worst headache ever 6/3/2022 10:56:32 AM

I feel yesterday’s 800 vertical meters when our alarm clock wakes us up at 5.30 am. I have the worst banging headache ever and pulse is over 70 instead of normal 40+. Despite of short 3-hour sleep and tearing headache I manage to remember that our tent lies on a few square meter cliff, which is surrounded by steep 10-meter drops.

Yesterday we continued ascending from the base camp. Our original dream was to summit Tent Peak, but due to foggy circumstances we decided to ascend to Annapurna South Glacier instead. After breakfast bars and some water we headed forward with a goal to reach 5 000 m. We reached glacier at 4 651 m after a lot of zigzagging and effort, but felt immediately a little bit moody after noticing that we do not have enough time to search for safe route forward. Therefore, this was the furthest we were able to go this time. Even though we did not reach our target, we are rather happy with this training. Our ascend speed was excellent and despite of fast ascend we were able to maintain our ability of function. Now we start descending towards Pamboo.

Timo Jaatinen
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