Towards Namche Bazaar 6/3/2022 10:54:36 AM

IMG_1180_Thumb.jpgIt might have been a snow leopard that made guest house’s dogs bark like crazy very early in the morning, or that’s what we would like to imagine. We tried to get some more sleep for a while without much success. First symptoms of stomach problems occurred in the night and this time Mika was the first to get sick. After morning chores, tee and pancakes we continued to the halfway of today’s trek to Tawa where we had tasty pasta lunch.  

Journey continued in comfortable +25 degrees warmth. Soil was very dry and we were surrounded by a dust cloud which felt deep in our lungs despite wearing a scarf to block most of the dust. There were also forest fires, which generated a lot of smoke and reduced air quality even more. At 3 pm we felt that good that we would have passed today’s guest house in Namche Bazaar unless Dawa Steven Sherpa hadn’t directed us to the right place. Shower, laundry and a nap and it is time for supper.  

Namche is literally means trade center of Sherpas. 98% of Kumbu region’s (which capital Namche is) inhabitants are sherpas. Despite of the location there is the same selection of trekking and climbing gear as it is in Kathmandu.  

This blog was sent from Budha Cyber Café. Internet seems to be part of almost everyday life here.

Timo Jaatinen
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