Preliminary decisions 6/3/2022 10:50:43 AM

IMG_1613_thumb_alustavia päätöksiä.jpgWe get weather forecasts daily from Seattle. Some expeditions have ordered weather updates from a Swiss meteorology and in addition to these, there are some sources that are examined regularly. We get a good overview to forthcoming weather, by combining different weather forecasts. Now we have made preliminary decisions; we are heading up on 14th May and hope to go for summit push couple of days later, 17-18 May. Temperature is about -36 degrees, but the wind is forecasted to be less than 10m/s. If the weather remains as forecasted, our chance for summit push is here soon. Everything is ready!  

Nice news from media side. National Geographic has been interviewing and following us and the documentary will be shown also in Finland.

Regards! Mika
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