Our first day towards Mt. Everest 6/3/2022 10:54:25 AM

06042010_thumb.jpgWe woke up before alarm clock, right after 5 am and after packing we were ready to go about one hour later. After two days in Kathmandu we felt impatient and were anxious to get going towards our goal. Along the journey the mix of several languages was accompanied by growling sounds of our bus.  

At the airport everything happened in a brisk Nepalese way and baggage piles were divided into two categories: those which are sent directly to the base camp and those that are needed during approaching the BC. This is Apa Sherpa’s 20th Mt. Everest climb and understandably the happening attracted quite a lot media to the spot.   As we watched loading the plane we estimated that baggage will take all the space in the plane and that there will be another for passengers, but this was not case. After baggage was loaded, we boarded and were given cotton and candy to make the short journey more comfy. The flight took about ½ hour and flight altitude was above fog cloud so that we were able to admire beautiful mountain range. We had heard expectations raising stories about landing at Lukla airport . Landing was professional, but still rumble very interesting, because the runway incline is over 10 %.  

We had breakfast in Lukla and after that we climbers and yaks took off towards Mt. Everest. This time our steps were anything else than fast and we moved like in a slow motion. Taking it slow and trying to avoid unnecessary physical stress is essential, especially in higher altitudes. After this first 3 hr trek we arrived in Phankdung.

Mika Pitkämäki
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