Life is all about choices 6/3/2022 10:57:20 AM

-25 degrees, strong northern wind and perhaps blizzard or relaxed one and a half our full service lunch break in comfortable temperature in a casino? Circumstances vary a lot when we start ascend to one of the world’s highest mountains. These choices are nothing compared to those we will meet later along our trip and those we will encounter next year while trying to achieve our ultimate goal.
While packing lots of layers and ice gear it is hard to imagine that our journey toward towards on the highest mountains starts from such a comfy circumstances. But so it is. The sun is sinking and coloring nearby summits in red, but the scenery will soon be covered with dark clouds, thunder and heavy rain. This is a perfect example of rapidly changing weather that I have only heard of.
In my thoughts I am already living the next day.

Timo Jaatinen
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