Let the adventure begin 6/3/2022 10:54:49 AM

IMG_1079_thumb.jpgOn Friday, the 2nd of April, we hoped that the luggage scale at Rovaniemi airport would show some reasonable numbers, but that was not the case. Timo and I had to pay quite a lot for overweight to get all our gear onboard. At our arrival in Kathmandu it was nice to see the sun shining and above all, warming after long and cold winter in Finland. Everything went smoothly and soon we were on our way through Kathmandu where seeing and smelling the open crematorium and graveyard caught our attention again. What a different world. In Kathmandu we met

Elizabeth Hawley, a history researcher who keeps up a database of all expeditions on Himalaya. In the evening we headed to Thamel area and eneded up having supper in legendary Run Doodle restaurant.

Today we met Dawa Steven Sherpa and Apa Sherpa who holds the world record of reaching Everest summit 19 times. This is Apa’s 20th climb and understandably it raises a lot of interest. In the meeting we got more detailed information on practical arrangements and climbing to the base camp.   Tomorrow we will purchase some more supplies. On Tuesday, the 6th April at 7.30 we fly to Lukla from where our journey towards the base camp officially begins.

Mika Pitkämäki
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