Lappish hour 6/3/2022 10:55:22 AM

IMG_0683_thumb.jpgLast weekend was an excellent example of so called Lappish hour. Here one hour is not always exactly 60 minutes, but something between 60 and 90 minutes. It is possible to reach many interesting Lappish resorts from Rovaniemi within that time span, whether you are looking for trekking or adventure.

We drove from Rovaniemi to Posio’s Korouoma on Saturday and descended 125 vertical meters to the canyon. There are two very inspiring ice falls in Korouoma, of which the other is a fall that requires leading. That fall has several routes of various difficulty up to level 5. A little bit further away is the Mammoth Fall, where setting upa top rope enables ice climbing without any previous leading experience. Mammoth Fall’s routes are shorter, but there are some challenging ones.

On Sunday morning we headed to Pyhätunturi and took one lift ride to the top of the fell.  We skied to the edge of Isokuru (‘Big Couloir’) and down to the couloir. From there we continued to Ukonhattu peak. There was some fresh snow, but the ideal moment for some telemark skiing would have been one day before. Very strong wind, which was said to be 25m/s, challenged us on the top, but it was not cold, only -8 celcius. Once again I feel very lucky to be able to combine variety of hobbies and work in such an inspiring place as Lapland is.

Helsinki           Lappish hour
Korouoma      Lappish hour
Pyhä              Lappish hour
Luosto           Lappish hour
Suomu           Lappish hour
Ylläs               a little bit over the Lappish hour   25 days to go Mika Pitkämäki
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