Green(ish?) 9/3/2015 3:11:38 PM

IMG_2484_thumb.jpgEnvironmental issues, like climate change, pollutions and other related subjects are on the table all the time, like it should be. One question to ask is that are people becoming bored and saturated with all the green talk? Hopefully not.


Ignoring environmental impact of one’s own actions is irresponsible, whether at home or while travelling. Responsible traveler estimates his/her trip’s environmental impacts in advance and aims at minimizing any harm for example by using ecological transportations options.


Ascensio has tried to act environmentally responsible while planning and executing the trip. Our gear suppliers work constantly on diminishing their production’s carbon footprint. While in Nepal in addition to our own waste we gather and bring down from the mountain waste left there by previous trekkers. All electronic components and stoves using solar panels. Furthermore, we are looking for a Nepalese environment conservation project which we could assist financially.


Unpolluted environment and decelerating climate change are very important issues for Nepal, which welfare is partly dependent on successful nature conservation. Please take a minute to read Nepal Mountaineering Association’s greetings here.

Mika Pitkämäki
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