Apa Sherpa's home - 3800m 6/3/2022 10:54:13 AM

IMG_1239_Thumb_08042010.jpgWhen thinking about this day it seems that nothing significant happened, but when thinking again:


We departed quite late at 10 am, because today’s trek was not that long. We ascended to the top of Namche Bazar’s neigbouring top, from where we had a great view to the village and nearby mountains. I was pondering about dimensions and thought that summits rising over 6 000 m seemed very respectable, but some one commented them to be “small mountains”. We continued through a bushy valley edge towards Thamo, where we had lunch.


Lunch conversations covered varied topics from world issues to Finland’s history, Arctic Circle and of course the Santa Claus. Tiny Finland’s worldwide known brands, like Suunto and Nokia, rose interest and amazement. One interesting topic was innovative energy production possibilities for villages like Thamo. MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) is developing technique that transforms water into energy by separating water molecules. The device would also purify water by using solar power. These type of solutions would solve world’s future energy crisis, or cause other problems.


During the day we ascended to Apa Sherpa’s Guest House at 3 800 m. In the beautiful evening light I tried to take some pictures, but did not succeed very well, because the new polarized filter was not quite what I thought it would be. Good to know at this point. I wrote this blod in Guest House’s dining room, where hang Guiness World Record’s certificates of merits: “Apa Sherpa (Nepal) reached the summit of Mt. Everest Xth time”, and so on. Supper was welcome and now it is time to retire. Tomorrow we trek at same altitudes before ascending higher.

Mika Pitkämäki
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