Acclimatisation continues – 3850m 6/3/2022 10:54:01 AM

IMG_1255_thumb_09042010.jpgWe left Apa Sherpa’s Guest House at 9 am, but Apa had it very busy and barely got going. Everyone in the village wanted to wish good luck and wishes were accompanied with different kind of rites. Apa’s brother, monk Dhawa gave us Buddhist blessing and we were given also silk scarves, which is a Khumbu way to say goodbye.


We walked along the same valley as yesterday. Timo was about 50 m behind Mika, who managed to scare some kind of mountain goat. The goat sprang across the path, just front of Timo, who was at least as startled as the goat. It was a pity that I did not have my camera ready, Timo’s expression and moves were something to remember. We arrived in Khumjung right after noon.


Our purpose was to remain at the same altitude, at 3800 m. We haven’t had symptoms of altitude sickness. Heart rate in rest is below 50 and oxygen level high. Everything is going as well as it can be. We are eager to ascend higher, but it is better to stick to the plan. Tomorrow we have a long day, because we cross the valley and ascend back to 3800 m.


We will proceed as follows:

10. Tengboche 3870m

11. Dingboche 4343m

12. Acclimatisation

13. Lobuche 4915m

14. Acclimatisation

15. Base camp 5380m


From the base camp we start our six-week trek at Mt. Everest.

Mika Pitkämäki
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